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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Leopard printed vest: the experiment

Hello again! I hope you are having a great week as I am. Actually, I’ve been super busy with all the things I’ve been juggling with my little time. Just so you know, I am a CPA by profession, I have a full-time work, I have my small food business and a vintage online shop plus I have been educating myself on how to use my newly bought sewing machine. (I will blog a separate post about that) Conversely, I think being hectic is better than not having something that can make you busy, right? Nonetheless, I am planning to keep this blog going after I have revived it last week so here I am again!!!

Anyway, after I ransacked my closet in search for an all-white outfit for the Pinaycurvies swag blog link up challenge (see my previous post), I have found few precious pieces of clothing which I have kept in the bottom of my treasure chest for so long. As a backgrounder, the treasure chest is where I keep the things I wear less or have never been worn ever and those I wear often are hanged in a closet.

One of which is a leopard printed vest that was gifted to me by my ever-loving aunt from US. Quite frankly, I am not a fan of vests so I am giving myself a challenge of styling these cute-sy vest and let’s see if I will eventually be a fan of it.

I have made 4 looks out of it as follows:

PARTY GLAM – To have this look, I used a body hugging black dress which I bought from a thrift store. (I know you are guessing how cheap this ensemble is. Well, I love cheap ensembles because it just proves that it need not be expensive to be stylish and fashionable. Amen to that!) Actually, the dress I used here is not my size, thus, tight and the type that I will not be using alone and this vest works well on making the dress look less fitted. I think the only thing that is kinda expensive (not super) is the black wedge I got from a factory outlet in Clark, Pampanga.

SMART CASUAL – This is my OOTD for today. I match the vest with a collared blouse, leggings and flats. Out of all the looks, this is the most comfortable and  I can say that the vest gives this look a twist.

CORPORATE CHIC – Who says this vest is just an outerwear and can’t be worn otherwise? Hell no! Out of experimentation, I tried to use it as an innerwear of a corporate blazer paired it with a ruffled skirt (from Full Circle SM Ladies Fashion)  and voila! I want this outfit but unfortunately, I can’t wear this for work because we have an office uniform from Monday-Thursday and wearing this in a wash-day Friday where almost all the employees is in an informal wear, this spells over-dressing!!!

DRESSY CASUAL – This is a last-minute laid-back type of outfit. I just use a cute pink tube dress (from a thrift store again… pardon my frugality) and topped it with this vest. 5 minutes and then done! Perhaps, I will use this for a lunch-out with my friends one of these days.

VERDICT: I love it!!! This took a lot of my time but it is worth it! I didn’t know, not until now, that vests can be versatile. It can complement any kinds of clothing, may it be a collared blouse, long sleeves, dress, leggings or even blazers (can you believe that?). I may not love it inasmuch as I love leggings or maxi dresses but I am certain I will be wearing it more often than before. This vest had definitely earned the right to be hanged in my closet. :-)