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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Click of Destiny

He's a student.

He's 6 years my junior.

He’s almost 30 miles away from me. 

I have every reason in the world not to choose him.

He’s the last person I could ever thought of falling in love with. 

...But I did, still do and will always do…now, that’s ironic!

It started in Facebook…now don’t ask who invited who…LOL. 
Alright…I did make the first move of inviting him but I really have no idea who he is…I am just in search of someone who can be my friend… I am not expecting for more because I am not fond of eyeballs either especially that guys nowadays won’t give you their time without seeing you first…well, atleast that is for my opinion…I just want a constant textmate…that’s all! I don’t know but I have this feeling…insecure feeling that there’s more tendency for someone to love me when they know me first in the net or through text than seeing me personally first. I feel I am not beautiful enough or maybe, they won’t like me…so just to be safe…I opt to have friends online.

It was a normal day of adding whoever in facebook….just random people…I didn’t know that one click on the “add as friend” button of a total stranger named “Mickey Eusebio” is a click of destiny.

Just a day after I added him, I checked my facebook and I have 3 messages. Those messages came from the ones I have added a day ago saying hi and hello but one of the three messages really leave quite an impression. That’s the first time he made me smile…and never fail to do so until now. Anyway, as I remember it right, he says how he finds me stunning. OMG. Yes that’s the word, stunning! I have never in my whole life found a man who could describe me as stunning…I was amazed as well…I am a self-confessed insecure of how I look like..(I have dual personality when it comes to this coz sometimes I feel narcissistic…hahahaha…) but that’s not the point, he always compliments me…and I can’t help but feel good about it…not until he confessed he is just 19 years old and literally…my jaw dropped like...

“Are you serious???? This is not happening…I am flirting with a guy 6 years younger than me. OH pleaseeeeeee……just few years passed his puberty…and to think I like him…I’m gonna have to stop this…I am supposed to be his ATE…”

...but something in my mind is shouting…

”But he’s the sweetest….and you must admit, you’re happy just chatting or talking with that forget about minor abuse…he’s not even minor anymore…”

There’s really a debate going on in my head and I decided that there’s more men who is not as young as he is so maybe I will let him passed by…that all I could offer was just friendship…

If only he is my age or older, I would love to give him a chance.

When he’s dropping some hints that he loves me…I will just laugh on him and tease him saying…

“Haynako…that’s not LOVE…atsaka ang bata bata mo pa, anong alam mo sa love?” 

...and he would always defend that he knows what he is feeling if only I would give him a chance. Of course, I have ignored him for the first weeks but as days passed by, I am starting to see him in a different light. He has his immaturities (which is just normal..I do have my own..) but not overly immature…I mean he’s more mature than I thought he was. He persistently made me feel loved…there is no moment that I felt that he’s not serious… despite the fact that I’m continuously avoiding his sweet gestures and ignore all his efforts. There was a time when I told myself… 

“Damn, he’s so serious in pursuing me…”

After all the efforts, I told him not to text me anymore but as I was texting that, I am also hurting…that feeling that you don’t want to let someone go…that feeling that just imagining a day without his text would make me feel so sad…that’s the time I realized that I don’t care about the age gap anymore…I just want him to be there everyday…Thus, I gave him a chance to prove to me he’s mature enough for me and to convince me enough to overlook our age gap.

Surely enough, he had proven me wrong. He’s so genuine and everyday that he’s courting me, I discover more reasons to fall in love with him. I tried not to fall for him too early…trying to play hard-to-get… but for someone as persistent as him, you can’t help but fall...and the time comes that when he says “I love you”, I can’t control myself to say the same. I don’t wanna play hard-to-get anymore coz I only meet someone like him just once in a lifetime and I don’t want to let it go. 

Simply put, he succeeded in winning my heart. I choose him and I bet that’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life…the decision to choose to overlook the age for as long as you love each other. 

On February 12, 2012, I gave him my sweet "YES" and there the real story began...

Since that fateful day, our relationship grows from days to weeks to a month and now going on 6 months. The first month went well. We see each other for the first time in Eastwood and I guess this is our first Valentine date together, if you can call it a date. The first time I met him, I was smiling coz he doesn't seem to be the man I talk to on the phone....coz he is so shyyyy..he was hiding under my arms...never wanting to let me satre at him for seconds....but I find it cute....his shyness continues when I introduce him to my mom, my sister and my aunt and that's the first time he had witnessed my special talent in "speed-eating"...Right after he met my family, he also introduced me to his parents which is around the area that time...and damn have I eaten and swallowed my tongue coz I was soooo speechless...this is the first time I have ever been introduced to the parents of the one I love and indeed, it is ver hard because you are anxious that they might not like you for their son. and I mean hellllerrrr???? meet-the-parents on the 3rd day of our relationship??? that is fast!!!

That first date led to a second date and as of now, we have been seeing each other for at least twice a month??? One of the most memorable dates we had is when we decided to have a photowalk in Enchanted was tiring but there I realized that no matter how tired you are, when you are with the one you love and when you are with the reason why you can always make it through...and when I was in the bus at aroung 10pm going to Manila...I can't help but smile because we had fun taking pictures but more importantly, we had fun building happy and sweet memories together...

That day, he is so sweeettt, as usual, but if you ask me what's the sweetest thing he ever did to me? I can't think of anything in particular coz there are so manyyyy...

He surprised me with an "I LOVE YOU KRISTINE" poster at the trunk of his car...
He wrote "WILL YOU MARRY ME" on a mirror with my lipstick...(even if he didn't mean to marry me now...that is still sweettt...
He always surpised me with simple thing like chocolates, etc...
He always remembers me when he is out of the country...
He always gives my mom "pasalubong" when he visits me at home just to show he remembers her...
He never fails to show how much he loves texting me...calling me unexpectedly just to say "i love you" or just to hear my voice in a middle of his class...posting something in facebook...mentioning me in twitter...creating collages of our pictures together...serenading me every time...He is really amazing... lucky can I ever get?

You might wanna ask...Is it all happy? Is it really that simple and easy? Well..honestly..the answer is not all's not that is never easy...I say it's hard coz like just any other couple, we have our own share of fights...both petty and deep ones...we have tons of it can't possibly think that a LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP with a 6-year AGE GAP can go on verrrryyyy smoootthhhhllyyyy, right?

....and before I decided to love him, I have already expected the challenge of handling an extraordinary relationship...but as the song goes...Nobody says it would be easy but no one told me it could be this hard...but before you misinterpret things...I would like to clear that though it's hard, at the end of the day, it's all worth it...He is worthy..

Some may say that fights are signs of incompatibilities...I couldn't agree more...but who says you can't reconcile incompatibilities? who says one cannot adjust to the other? In this relationship, I have learned that there are no irreconcilable differences with great willingness to work things out...that it is possible to be compatible even if both of you cannot possibly think you can ever be...but there's the takes a little extra....superrrrrr meggaaaaaa duppperrrrrrr grabeeeeennngggg to the highessssttttt levellllll na effort...hahahahahhahah!

And I must admit that most of the, he is the one who is willing to take that extra mile for our relationship. And that's the reason why I have fallen even more and more and deeper and deeper in love with him. Sometimes, people only see our fights and his immaturities but they don't see how good of a man he is, how he takes care of me, how he is always concern about me, how he is willing to change for me, and how he is willing to adjust for the betterment of our relationship..I would not love him this much if I know he is not deserving of such. He is not perfect...he has his flwas but one thing is for sure...he loves me so much and I feel the same....

But wait, it doesn’t mean I am not trying as well. Being in love with a guy 6 years younger than you have its advantages…and with every advantage comes disadvantages. It is not that easy but I know we’ve decided to love each other and I’ll stand by every decision I’ve made. I’ve tried…and still trying but there are times that my best ain’t enough.

There are times we want to give up on each other…tired of the fights…but it always boils down to questions: 

“Can we survive without the other?”

"Are we happy?"

“Do we still love each other?”

...and the answers always leads us back to each other.

I am afraid of rollercoasters but that almost 6 months have been the best rollercoaster I’ve ever experienced in my whole damn life…and never will I regret a thing…I will forever treasure the love we feel for each other coz this is the very thing that can make us hurdle every obstacle and overcome every challenge.
I believe in him. 
I believe in US.
No matter what destiny brings, I will always hold on to the though that we can make it through it all...
..I will always remember the promise we have made that nothing's gonna take us apart...I will never forget that God is the one who had led us to find each other...and that only Him can break what Kelvin and I had....

Yeah, by the way, that's his real name...Kelvin John D. Eusebio.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Can Jessica Sanchez be the very first Filipino to win American Idol?

I personally love reality shows showcasing extraordinary talents. Just seeing the contestants grow from an amateur to a professional makes you feel that you too can make your dreams come true. However, In spite my love for reality shows, I haven't been a follower of "American Idol" despite its huge success all around the world but this season is different.

One contestant really caught my attention....perhaps, it's because of her vocal prowess but aside from that, the fact that she is a FILIPINA excites me because if ever she wins (which is verrrrryyyyyyy possible by the way the competition is going...), she will be the very first filipino to ever get the title. So how thrilling can it get?

I started to notice that she's a filipina in the auditions when she performed "You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman)" by Aretha Franklin. She did great on that one but I thought at that point, "nothing extraordinary..." I mean, don't get me wrong...I've heard many filipinas sing the way she did, that's why!

BUTTTTTT....permit me to change my mind...the Las Vegas audition, when she sang "The Prayer" by Celine Dion, as her final piece on her way to be a part of top 24, quite convinces me that she's not that ordinary as I initially thought of her.. She is not just someone who belts out thinking that the higher the notes, the more chances to qualify. In that song, I felt her heart and her soul...not overly belting it out...just pure soul...and from that day on, I've been a fan. (not super fan but I am looking forward to her every performance)

Jessica Sanchez sings "The Prayer" by Celine Dion

I made some research about her...Jessica Sanchez is a 16-year old filipino-mexican-american petite teen, who, just like most of other aspiring singers, had started their dream of becoming one at an early age. However, I am shocked to know that this is not the first time the world have seen her perform because when she was 11, she had competed in the first season of "America's Got Talent". Obviously, she didn't won the said contest but 5 years had past and those years can go a long way when it comes to voice maturity.

Back to American Idol Season 11, who among the contestants have made the three judges stand from their seats thrice? Yes, thrice, they first gave the talented girl a standing ovation in the group performance in Las Vegas. Second was when she sang "I love You I do" by Jennifer Hudson in the Movie, Dream Girls. This song wins her a sure spot in the Top 13. It's crazy that every time I see her perform, the more confident I am in saying she can be the next American Idol for as long as she will be consistent with her performances in the weeks to come.

She sings "I Love You I Do" by Jennifer Hudson

The third standing ovation happened in the recent episode of American Idol Season 11 where the men sings Stevie Wonder hits and the girls get to sing the songs of the greatest diva of all time, Whitney Houston. I was surprised that she picked "I will always love you", probably, the most popular song of Whitney. At first, I think it's not a good choice, it is the signature song of Whitney and the more popular the song, the more it is prone to criticisms. Luckily, it made a positive impact with the judges considering it the best performance of the night and recognized Jessica, as one of the best voices in the whole competition. Indeed, she is a voice to be reckoned with.

In her performance of the all-time classic, "I Will Always Love You" of Whitney Houston
But as they say, nothing beats the original but being close to the original or at par with it is quite an achievement. What I love in Jessica is that when she performs, you can't feel her nerves at all 'coz she's just so relaxed...the amazing part is, I'm sure she's really nervous but you can't hear it in her performance...she is just so cool..the feeling that every song she sings, she had been singing it her whole life...she is not making her nerves get the best out of her but instead, she's making her nervousness bring out the best in her..

In her "I will always love you" performance, there is no doubt she is the best of the night, however, I just feel that it is rushed, that it is more faster than the natural tempo of the song...and I think this made it less dramatic.. They have cut the amazing parts of the song in the end but nevertheless, the last three notes was divine and flawlesssssssssss!!!!! So two thumbs up to her and I really pray she made it!

I am looking forward to more "standing ovations" from the judges in the weeks to come. I think the time has come for a filipina American Idol. She just have to be consistently good coz in a contest where consistency is the key to success, she has to be better and better than her last performances but never less... GOODLUCK and a shout out to America, please vote for her! :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

SCENTS worth your CENTS.

My enthrallment with fragrances starts as early as I was in Elementary years when my childhood crush always captivate me with his scent. From then on, I have been a "perfume lover", "fragrance enthusiast", whatever you want to call it. However, I am no expert in this. I just buy the ones that interests my olfaction.

I can say that I splurge on perfumes and I really believe every splurge is worth it. I am unbelievably frugal but when it comes to perfumes, I really can't resist... In a way, perfumes can give you a different feeling of freshness in daytime and sensuality in nighttime... Who says only good looks and vavavoom body can make heads turn? Because we must admit, we can't help but turn our heads to the one who smells like heaven.. (LOL) I know I'm exaggerating but perfumed men really turn me on...(wholesome turn-on)

My fragrance line starts from colognes to designer perfumes. I have my fair share of colognes and sprays from Victoria Secret and Bath and Body Works, any one of them I haven't bought....(LOL) It was always given by my very good aunts from US. VS and B&BW tends to be so sweet and fruity...that is when I realized that I don't like fragrances with fruity notes and vanilla scents.

As years passed by, I have accumulated quite few fragrances that I personally love... (disclaimer: this is not a review or anything to that effect...this is my personal opinion..I am no expert in perfumery or things like that...I only based my opinion on fragrance alone... and not on smell longevity since perfumes longevity varies depending on its chemistry with your body.) Who doesn't want the feeling of people turning heads on you because you smell great?

In no particular order, the following are my I-can't-resist-you perfumes for women:

This is my "first love". I could describe its scent as light, fresh, clean, breezy, watery and oceanic... However, it's more appropriate as a daytime perfume or a perfume when you are walking by the sea...or strolling on a summer day...

2. DKNY (Donna Karan New York) Energizing for Women

I really am in love with clean and fresh scents and this is one of the scents that is a manifestation of that. When I am wearing this scent, I always feel like i just got out of the shower. However, it doesn't work that well with my body chemistry coz it doesn't last long but fragrance-wise, it's my absolute favorite!!! The notes include citrus, iced vodka, tomato leaves, water lily and green coral orchids to name a few. It's floral scent will surely give you compliments every now and then.

3.) Incanto Shine (Salvatore Ferragamo)
I can describe this as mystical and sensual. A combination of fruity and floral notes that creates a sexy feel when you're wearing it...more like making you feel like you're in beach wearing your favorite summer dress. Just like DKNY, this is a not-so-popular perfume which makes the people who can smell it actually asking you what perfume are you wearing? It's very noticeable that everytime someone passed by wearing this on...i already knew...but don't fret coz it is not overpowering at all.

There are also some perfumes that is getting great reviews and feedback which I haven't got the chance to try by myself like the all-time favorite, Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana and Happy by Clinique. The latter is my sister's favorite by the way.

If there is one tip I could give to a man regarding dating...I say: Wear perfume and if it's not too much, I'll give them my favorite masculine scents that will surely make a girl ignore how you look like (i know i'm exaggerating again..) but truly, perfume, generally, can really turn a women on even if you are not necessarily good looking for their standards. It's a must-have for all men and I mean, if you miss to wear some, you should definitely go back to wear it on, it's that important!!!! It's a part of your personality and should not be worn just for the sake of vanity! So here it goes, my favorite masculine scents. (again, this is my personal opinion...)

1.) COOL WATER FOR MEN (Davidoff)
Ohhh...just imagining the scent of this drives me crazy...this scent, whenever I smell it, is like luring you to come near the person wearing it. It's the masculine counterpart of my first love and has almost the same marine notes. It's a guaranteed +100,000 pts. for me for a guy who wears it!!!!

2.) Acqua Di Gio (Giorgio Armani)
This is the scent of masculinity!!! (well, atleast for me...) I definitely adore all men I know who wears this in ALL..It's a perfect blend of musk and marine notes! For me, if the mythical "ADONIS", who is an epitome of a super good-looking man, is true and existing today, this must have been his scent! 

3.) Aqva Pour Homme (Bulgari)
This is the scent of the love of my life. Whenever my bf wears this, I am like..."come near me...hug me...hug me until the scent lasts" lol. I am so addicted to aquatic-style scents and this one is no exception. It reveals my inner lioness! I am not that sweet but smelling this on my bf makes me overly touchy. hehehehehe...joke!

Again, there are other masculine scents that captivate my sense of Essential by Lacoste and Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche. The former is the scent of my dad and the latter is the scent of my uncle. I can say Lacoste has that elegant feel deceiving you that the one who wears it is a very successful man and Drakkar is a very powerful perfume. Both of which is long-lasting and the longer you wear it, the more fragrant it gets.

There are so many great scents in the market today so be sure to avail of even just one just for special occasions. You need not wear it everyday if you're really not the type who will splurge on perfumes but believe me, it's worth every cent!