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Monday, August 26, 2013

Lazy & Snug

I am fond of dressing up but there will always be moments when I am just too lazy to do so and just pull off my comfy clothes out of my closet: leggings + top + fitflops 

Leggings is a fashion staple for me. Everybody's stacking on jeans but me, i am hoarding on leggings of different designs and colors. I prefer it over denims simply because I don't like non-stretchable materials. It is the most comfortable piece of clothing for me. Why won't I love it? For one, it is stretchable, it covers your legs (especially when your legs are not shaved) and it is flexible. Flexible in the sense that you can use it to carry out a smart casual, street chic, or retro look.

And since leggings are tight, I opt to match it with a semi-loose top or tunic. And for the shoes, since the outfit is all about comfort, a fit flop is just appropriate to finish off this getup.

How about you? What does your lazy outfit consists of? Share your thoughts!!!