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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Glam Tales' OOTD

Hello everyone!!! As always, sorry for not being able to blog for weeks now, i guess. I know you already know why. Actually, i am only writing this post via blogger app in iphone. Again, i apologize.. :-(

But hey, i have something interesting to share with you guys especially to my fellow pinay curvies.

Months ago, I had followed twitter accounts related to the plus size community and one of which is the "pinaycurvies". I didn't know that this twitter account could lead me to meeting more of the wonderful plussies in the philippines. I started off as an active participant in their twitter parties (usapangcurvy) and then I also participated in their first blog linkup challenge. In all those activities they have hosted, i knew i wanted the friendship to be more than virtual. Yes, i wanted to meet the founders of my new-found sisterhood... :-)

They hosted an event last august 18 at around 2-4pm in the Dome Cafe in Eastwood entitled "Glam Tales: An Afternoon with Mercille Tiomico and Maita Atienza" where they invited me via facebook and without a doubt, I committed to attend. However, even if i am so excited to meet new friends, I am also hesitant that I may feel out of place that's why when my elder sister said that she wants to go as well, i immediately ask mitch if she can come with me. Besides, she is a proud plumpy as well. And luckily, she can be accommodated so we went together. Yehey!!!!!

It was a rainy afternoon but that didn't hinder me from wearing this outfit. I know the other plumpies will also pull a fasyon outfit so i won't let the rain ruin my parade. 

Sorry for the photos, the shots were made when i got home from the event.

I am wearing a peplym top from Forever 2, Leggings from a thrift shop, sheer inner wear which is tailor-made and a red wedge gifted to me by my mom. 

About the event itself, i will write a separate post about that but pending the writing of that post, i want to say that me and my sister had so much fun. We were so happy to be a part of this sisterhood and rest assured that we will continue to participate actively in all events hosted by Pinay curvies.

To all curvies out there, you may follow the twitter account and their blog, and i am very sure they will welcome you with open arms... :-)

Stay tune with my post about the event. Ciao!!! :-)