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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mother and Daughters Indulgence in PINOY MOVIES

They say that parents must have a happier life when their children already have their own jobs. This is the time when they are finished worrying about their children’s allowances and tuition fees...and it’s also the time for their children to return to their parents what is due to them and once in a while, pamper their parents (in our case, only our mom. Well. My dad is not living with us…so he can’t really feel the fruits of our labor…)

My mom is a homebody. As much as I want to let her explore on her different activities, she really doesn’t want to go out frequently unless necessary. It takes a lot of persuasion for her to go out of the house and have some fun and pamper herself and for some weird reason, she has two daughters who is way far from being a homebody (especially if payday). As my mom would often say it,

“Kating kati kayo gumastos noh?”

and we will just look at her as if begging to allow us to spend our money…our eyes saying…

”Please mama!!! Payagan mo na kami….ngayon lang naman!” (such a clichĂ©!)

Thinking about it, we should be free to buy whatever we like with our own money. Nevertheless, we understand that she only wants to make sure we know how to spend our money wisely. Although for us, spending for family bonding is more important than the money itself! As my sister would put it…

“It’s the bonding, MOTHER!!”

Going back, being the mother that she is, she can’t resist our “paawa” look and will just give up with a loud sigh…

”Bahala na nga kayo…pera niyo naman yan...”

BUTTTTT….there is always an exception to the rule…Same is true with my mom, there is only one thing that she would be willing to go out for (aside from buying groceries)….MOVIES, specifically PINOY movies!!!! Take note: It has to be a Filipino film because if not, you will just end up waking her up in a 15-minute interval…or worst, you will just hear her snore inside the cinema. Her reason:

“Gusto ko lang manuod ng walang iniintindi…Kaya nga ako nanuod para mawala stress ko..kapag foreign, nakakastress naman un..iintindihin ko pa yung sinasabi nila plus iintindihin ko pa yun istorya....” (I want to watch with nothing to worry about…I watch movies to release stress…Watching foreign movies is stressful. I’ll worry about understanding what they are saying…and understanding the whole story at the same time)

Since then, whenever there is a new Filipino film coming up, I will always reserve it to my mom. I remember in my college days, my friends would ask me to go watch a movie. My default question would always be

“Filipino or foreign?”

for the reason that if it is Filipino, my usual line goes…

“Nako! Sorry…Alam mo naman kapag Filipino, nakareserve kay mama…Siguradong magyayaya yun na panuorin namin yan…” (Sorry…You already know that Filipino movies is always reserved for my mom…I am sure my mom would ask me to go watch that movie..)

My friends understand. Anyway, we can watch a foreign one. They are not as limited and as choosy as my mom with respect to movies.

Movies are a good activity to bond with each other. There, we laugh together when Eugene Domingo slipped in the Septic Tank…
we giggle together in the “sulyap tingin” moments of Lyda and Migui… (guess the movie!!! This is for pinoy movie enthusiasts)

We get angry together on how stupid Basha is for leaving Popoy (that is an easy one…)

 but we also hope together that Popoy gives Basha “one more chance” (give-away naman yun.)
We cry together when Lorna Tolentino finally revealed about having a cancer to her daughter, Bea Alonzo in the movie “Sayo Lamang”…
we cry together in pity of Johnny Delgado in “Tanging Yaman”…
we weep together in the journey of “Thelma”…
and just recently, we get mad together on Anne Curtis’ character as a mistress/bitch (LOL. But she portrayed it very well. Two thumbs up for Anne) in the new film “No Other Woman”..
Name it,,we’ve watched it! Alright…I admit…I am a crybaby when it comes to movies…in fact, in my “crying history” 70% of my tears came from movies that in real life painful situations…and my mom is just the same…we will look at each other in the cinema and will laugh at each other for being such a crybaby…most of the time, my mom is holding back her tears..and I’ll say..

”Ma, huwag mo na kasi pigilan.. iiyak mo na yan!!” (Ma, don’t hold it back..cry it out!)

If there is a word “food trip” there is also “crying trip” and we are fond of that!! Really, we haven’t let any famous pinoy movie passed us by…if there is, sobrang unti na lang yun!

Lest I forget, we criticize the actors/actresses physical appearances in the movie…At the middle of the movie, you can just hear us whispering at each other…(fill in the blanks)
”parang ang taba ni ______ diyan…”
”parang ang itim ng kilikili ni _______”
“parang and laki ng binti ni _______”
“hindi pala maganda si ________ pag nakasimangot…”
“banlag si _________ noh?”

Wait…it was not all negative…we know how to appreciate beauty!!!! Hehehehehehe….check this out!

“ang gwapoooooooooo ni ____________, hayuppp!!”
“ang ganda ni ___________, parang manika lang…”
“diyosang diyosa si _____________”
“ang kinis ni ____________...parang walang kapeklat peklat”
“makalaglag panty naman tumingin si ___________”
“Laway mo ate!!!!” (LMFAO)

Right after every movie, expect a discussion among us…we agree and disagree on how great or how poor the actors were in their portrayal of their respective characters…on how good-looking the actors/actresses were in the movie…on the lessons that can be learned from the movie…on the good endings and bitter endings…and also, on our own version of ending the movie if we were the directors…on how it could be better if Jake Cuenca kills Dennis Trillo in “The Neighbor’s Wife.
Kidding aside, the great part of everything is we talk about things.

All-in-all…it is an ultimate bonding experience with my family especially with my mom.. It’s a great thing that we always discuss and we can open up our opinions in different topics depending on the movie we’ve just watched. Sometimes, we agree/ Oftentimes, we disagree and 90% of the time we disagree, silent treatment. (LOL. Nagkakatampuhan kami. I am highly opinionated and I speak my mind and sometimes, my mom is offended by the fact that I inherit this attitude from her…) From these movie discussions, I have been able to know some of my mother’s opinion in some things like marriage, premarital sex, live-in, mistresses, relationships, success, love, death and life in general. Indeed, children can be more mature in their decisions when they can openly talk about anything with their mom, even topics that are considered taboo in other families. Whatever it is, even if our opinions differ, my mother’s points of view will always be considered in all the decisions I have to make in my life.

Thus, I am looking forward on more Filipino movies with her…on more healthy discussions with her. With a mom with few interests like my mom, you almost want to let her watch movies everyday just to make her happy. So I am wishing for more movies to come. Also, more power to the Filipino Movie Industry.