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Sunday, July 28, 2013

First time on Lugang Cafe @ SM The Block

Great morning guys!!! Last, last week, I finally get to try a restaurant I have been eyeing on for quite some time, LUGANG CAFÉ.

My sister is resistant to try out something new but I am insistent. Actually, she is a safe eater and I am a foodie and being a foodie, If I have a chance to try something that caught my eye, I grab it!

As a background, Lugang Café is a restaurant under the Bellagio Management Group of companies based in Shanghai. They say that Bellagio is known to be the best Taiwanese cusine in China and best desserts in Shanghai. Hence, we are here to prove all the titles right or wrong. Let’s say this is sort of a review of my one-time experience with Lugang Café:

Ambience (5/5)

I find the name of the restaurant unattractive but the interiors are so grand. As you enter the place, there is a huge stone art work of a Buddha almost covering the wall. The chairs are metallic in color that makes it extra shiny and glossy. The ceiling is abundant with small, elegant cage-like chandeliers that gives a soft, romantic lighting to diners. The sophistication of the place can be compared to a cafe inside a hotel, thus, kind of intimidating but if you have the money, then by all means, dine in, right? Also, if you are looking for a great place for photo-ops with your friends, this is the place! Although it is quite awkward to stand up and take a picture, hahahahha! That is why there is hardly any pictures.

Price (3/5)

We availed of the Feast-all-you-can ala-carte style promo (available until July 31, 2013 exclusive for the SM The Block branch) for the amount of 688++/head. The “++” means plus 12% VAT and 10% service charge so that is 22% on top of the 688. The promo offers unlimited dimsum, appetizer, rice, soup and drinks but the catch is you only have one choice for each person for the house specialties.  

Quite expensive, huh? But then, we are already seated and accommodated so there is no turning back. "It better be worth it!”, we murmured.

Food (3.5/5)

Was it worth it? Slight? LOL. Let me explain that. We ordered the following:


·         Steamed Crab Roe and Pork Xiao Long Bao

·         Steamed Angled Loofah with Shrimps Xiao Long Bao


·         Garlic Pork Roll

·         Pork Xiao Long Bao

Soup: Corn Soup

Rice: Golden Fried Rice with Shredded Pork

House Specialty:

·         Three-cup Chicken

·         Kung-Pao Prawns


·         Almond Jelly Honey Lemon

·         Brewed Iced Tea

The dimsum and the appetizer was so-so and relatively small in servings. Not something to rave about. The soup is good, just another good soup from a good restaurant. The same goes with the rice and the drinks. I don’t want to rant about it.


What I am raving about is their house specialties, which unfortunately, cannot be ordered more than once. So much for “eat-all-you-cans”! But damn, it was oozing with flavors. The Kung-pao prawns is the perfect mix of sweet with mild tanginess with cashews. The three-cup chicken is of the same taste but I tasted the fusion of soy sauce, ginger and rice wine. Definitely, a must-try.


VERDICT: Will I eat there again? Yes but I will not avail of the “Feast-all-you-can promo” again. Perhaps, I will just order the house specialties and I will definitely go back to try their most raved about desserts which I didn’t had the chance to try since we are so bloated trying to eat everything that we have ordered as they are strict on their “no-leftovers” policy.


 The Lugang Cafe is located in the GF of SM The Block North EDSA. 

Awww... Now i am hungry again... Lol!