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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Rekindling the spirit of a cheerleader

August 1, 2013 marked the 109th Anniversary of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), the premiere internal revenue collecting agency of the Philippines which I am honored to be a part of for almost 4 years.

In those 4 years, I have been actively participating in some anniversary events. In 2011 and 2012, I've been into singing contests but this year, they focused more on sports competition for a change. Also, I think itm is more enjoyable for employees if there are events that can be participated in by many. 

However, I am not an athlete, thus, I was slighty happy that for the first time, I can actually take a rest and just be an observer and not a participant.

However, a memo came with my name as a part of the cheerleading team. Whew! Just as I thought that I can rest, huh? I’ve been into cheering back in high school and I know how to dance as well. Yes, that is despite my size and weight. It was never a hindrance to me that's why i wasn't resistant at all.

Slowly, I came to be more thankful each and everyday that I was given the chance to be a part of the group because I came to meet new friends/co-employees in the BIR. 3 weeks of practice and we came to be so close with each other and i came to realize how i miss the times when i was into cheerdance.

Just 2 days ago, August 1, the date of the presentation of the cheering team of each group. We represented our group, the operations group. We were happy we made it and our performance was praised by the deputy commissioners of the bureau. There is no competition though but you don’t need competitions to do your best, right? Sometimes, all you need is just a little commendation and just to hear all applause and cheers of all the people inside the gymnasium appreciating what we have done, that’s priceless.

Here are some pictures of my look as a cheerleader:

And here are our cheerleading team's pictures:

It is a great feeling to take part on occasions like this... It makes you feel that you belong... 

How about you? Have you ever tried participating in anniversary events of your employer? Feel free to share your experience... :-)