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Monday, November 11, 2013

Plus size minnie mouse


To those who have been reading my recent blog posts, I am sure you have come across Minnie Mouse taking a selfie as my entry to the pinaycurvies' blog link-up challenge and if you are wondering what is the outfit that will complete the look, this post will answer that.

But, the more interesting question is “Why Minnie Mouse?”

I had the idea as soon as I saw my sister’s polka dots petticoat skirt and to my luck, it is a combination of red and white, I immediately thought of Minnie Mouse and so, I started from there.

I paired it with a black tube dress, a white shawl and a stretchable belt from tubby that will hold the rather loose skirt.

And it will never be complete without the 2 big round ears and the gigantic ribbon, right? However, the one with a red ribbon is out of stock so I settled for yellow. 

This is how the ensemble will look like.

And if ever I want to improve this, I would buy a white gloves and yellow pumps!!!!

Yehey!!!! Now, where's my mickey mouse?


Monday, November 04, 2013

Minnie mouse taking a selfie

Wowww! After 2 months of hibernation from the blogosphere, i am here again!!! I apologize for being a seasonal blogger. I was... I am just busy with the old stuff (career, present business, my would-be business, etc.) You know the saying.. Too many things to do with so little time... So apt for me! 

Anyway, can you just be happy i am here again ready to take a new challenge from the Pinaycurvies? I missed two blog link-up challenges  and i would be remiss if i will miss another one. So here it goes!!!

First, How did I make my #selfie special?

Well, i must admit that all my selfies were pretty much the same. Obviously, it is just my face. Yes, on different angles or different poses but it is still my two chinky eyes, my flat nose (that's harsh... lol) and my small lips so how can i make it different from the other? I don't know as well. i don't even know if my selfies are special. it's just an urge to take a picture on either a good or bad day. what i know is that selfies displays self-love and self-appreciation and that is something special. However, this time, it is special because aside from this is my first #selfie blog post, this is sort of an expressed frustration for not being able to participate in the Spooky-oke night which marks the first year anniversary of Pinaycurvies.

What's my inspiration for my #selfie today?

As i mentioned, i am frustrated that I haven't attended the spooky-oke night, a halloween costume/videoke party of the big beautiful sisterhood of pinaycurvies. I saw that they had so much fun, that makes me more envious. Huhuhu... So i decided i will make that frustration my inspiration for this selfie.  

This is my should-be #fotd if ever i attended.  and please notice my super big minnie mouse ears with the ribbon! The #ootd will follow after this post.

What is my take about selfies?

I believe there is nothing wrong with it. I, myself, am guilty of this act of vanity. On the contrary, i feel that it is not just about vanity but the feeling of confidence they feel whenever they see their pretty photos. Let's face it, not everyone is as physically beautiful as anne curtis (in the superficial sense of the word) but somehow, when one takes a photo of oneself, it shows she has confidence that she looks good on that picture and that's what matters the most. As for me, i am super photogenic and i feel more beautiful when i take selfies, it makes me feel that i can be pretty as well. Therefore, if selfies can boost someone's confidence, then who are we to stop it, right? Bottomline: if it will do you good or make u feel good, by all means, go take as much selfies as you want. For those who can't tolerate my selfies, you are so free to unfollow me. :-)

Just saying! Peace out!

This is my official entry to the pinay curvies swag october blog link up challenge.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stacy's keep me coming back for more

Hi!!! I tried a new cafe a few months ago but I haven't posted it immediately so now is the time to blog it but before I tell you my dining experience, i will share to you first my get-up. 

When you are greeted by staff with Cath Kidston's apron and given a cup of popcorn and pretzels in a table with a fresh sunflower centerpiece, sipped from a striped paper straw, and eaten heart-shaped rice, you know you are in STACY' s!!! 

I have been seeing this resto on my timeline a lot of times and people are raving about how “delicioso” their food is.  I was even invited by my best friend if we can check out their branch in Capitol Hills Drive but on the day we are supposed to dine in there, it is closed for a special event.... too bad. the anticipation builds as time passes by and now, I am more than excited to finally try it and make a verdict if it’s worth the rave or just overrated.

Let’s see if this new resto will topped the list and snatch the spotlight of my all-time favorite restos.

I have my own criteria in rating restaurants:

1)      Ambiance

2)      Service

3)      Price and affordability

4)      Food

Well, i salute the team responsible for the interiors of the resto for i love the design including the little details that complete the over-all ambiance of the place. 

I love the pink refrigerator, the aprons hanged as decoration, the cute-sy pieces of art on the wall, the pink vintage telephone, the mix of mint and baby pink.... Oh i just love it here. It is a design that can capture the interest of kids and adults alike. Not to mention the fresh flowers in a diy-vase embellished with a checkered ribbon placed in a pastel-colored plate.

As for the service, let us start when we enter the place. 

They gave us something to munch on while we are waiting for our orders to be served. That, in itself, is great service already. Anything, even how small, that is given for free is really touching, right? Plus the waitress who handled our orders and extra needs is super accommodating. You can also see how energetic she is when we asked her about their bestsellers. But the food took a while to be served and that's a major turn-off, service-wise. Hence, if you are in a hurry, you might wanna rethink on dining here coz we waited an estimated time of 20-30 minutes. 

We waited a long time but the food proved they are worth waiting for. We ordered their bestsellers: 

Martha's Pot Roast (285php)-- soft meat roasted into perfection with heavenly gravy.

Texas BBQ ribs (255php)-- oh so tender meat glazed with country style sauce

 Homemade Chicken Parmesan (215php) -- tomatoes and parmesan cheese, an irresistable match.

The plating is rather simple but the taste makes up for it. They all make my taste buds sing in delight. My bloated tummy  is a proof to that. Although the servings looked small but it is just right to satisfy one person. Not too big and not too small but anyhow, it is something to rave about and earned the right for a next time.

Taking all things in consideration, i can say the price is fair in comparison with "Banapple" and "Chocolate Kiss" in exception of the cakes. 

The banofee pie costs php125 which we think is unreasonable. Other than that, all is fair in   Love and food. Lol!

All-in-all, i rate it as 4.5/5. 

Will i come back? Most definitely!!! When? Tonight's just fine and tomorrow... Ahahahaha... That's a sign of how great this resto is so if you haven't checked it out yet. Do so! You will not be disappointed.



Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center, 1 Capitol Hills Drive, Matandang Balara, quezon city

M-Thu   9:00am to 9:00pm

F-Sun   7:00am to 10:00pm

They also have another branch in Fort Bonifacio.

Til next time.. :-)


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The risk taken: Grand Momma's Kitchen?

Chow time again and our hunger led us to Il Terrazzo at Tomas Morato. Before, we will only go there just for Banapple but last last week, we took the risk of trying something new, “Grandmomma’s Kitchen”.

One of the things that made us try this resto is that when we are just peeking on their menu placed on a stand right in front of the resto, the manager immediately accommodated us encouraging us to try their bestsellers and we could not say “No” to a hospitable manager and we were happy that the smile of the manager extends to the staff. (Service rating: 5/5)

The place is an estimated 20-seater resto with additional 4 seats for those dining alfresco. The interiors are true to its name because you felt like you are visiting your lola’s kitchen. They used old wood and painted it as it is which exudes a vintage look. The seats attached on the wall is furnished with cushion and pillows, so homey. The lighting is yellowy but not so bright, just enough to complement the old-fashioned vibe of the place. However, the pillows seems to be untidy or I don’t know if it’s really supposed to look antiquated. (Ambiance rating: 4/5)

We ordered the following:

Ol’ fashioned Pork Chop and Applesauce – the sauce is good but the pork chop is so bland. I wonder if they marinated it. Modesty aside, I can cook a much much much better pork chop. Disappointed.

Chicken Cordon Bleu – if you want a safe choice, choose this… you can never go wrong with chicken, ham and cheese all rolled into one, right? Yeah, I thought so. But this surely goes right in the bottom of my list when it comes to cordon bleu. While the other is bland, this is salty.

Smoked Baby back Ribs – I thought this could save the day but it didn’t. It was dry when it is supposed to be juicy. Triple disappointments.

Glad I was not traumatized to try something new. (LOL) As much as possible, I really don’t wanna rant about it but considering the price you have to pay for it, I am deeply frustrated. (Food rating: 1/5)

Considering the servings, which are relatively small, and the price, it sucks big time. Sorry for that! It’s a good thing they have a great manager but what is a great manager if the food failed to deliver. (Price and affordability ratinh: 2/5)

Anyhow, if you are with your family, any day can be a great one.

Disclaimer: I am only rating the resto based on the food we ordered. But FYI, we ordered the bestsellers. Just saying.

Peace out!!!


GrandMomma’s Kitchen

Unit 145, Il Terrazzo Mall, Tomas Morato Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City

10 am – 10 pm (Sun-Thu10 am to 11 pm(Fri-Sat)


Monday, August 26, 2013

Lazy & Snug

I am fond of dressing up but there will always be moments when I am just too lazy to do so and just pull off my comfy clothes out of my closet: leggings + top + fitflops 

Leggings is a fashion staple for me. Everybody's stacking on jeans but me, i am hoarding on leggings of different designs and colors. I prefer it over denims simply because I don't like non-stretchable materials. It is the most comfortable piece of clothing for me. Why won't I love it? For one, it is stretchable, it covers your legs (especially when your legs are not shaved) and it is flexible. Flexible in the sense that you can use it to carry out a smart casual, street chic, or retro look.

And since leggings are tight, I opt to match it with a semi-loose top or tunic. And for the shoes, since the outfit is all about comfort, a fit flop is just appropriate to finish off this getup.

How about you? What does your lazy outfit consists of? Share your thoughts!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Glam up with these tips from Ms. Maita Atienza

Until now, I still can’t get over with the event that was held last August 18, 2013, the Glam Tales: An Afternoon with Mercille Tiomico and Maita Atienza.


My previous post subtly talked about it and I also mentioned there that I will be writing a separate post about it, thus, tadaaaa, here it is!!!


It is actually a talk with two lovely resource speakers, Mercille Tiomico and Maita Atienza. The former talked about fashion and styling and the latter discussed the art of make-up. This post will focused on the discussion of Ms. Maita Atienza. A separate post will be done focusing on Ms. Mercille Tiomico’s discussion.  


Me and my sister came in late but just in time with the first speaker of the afternoon, Maita. I am a subscriber of many make-up tutorials in youtube and thought, I have heard them all but I was damn wrong. He picked one of the founders of Pinaycurvies, Lornadahl Campilan, to be her model as she discussed the art of contouring and highlighting. But first, she taught us about the importance of make-up removers and she divulged that she prefers jojoba oil as her make-up remover. I was like “Really????? I should buy one…” and then she said that it is rare to find here in the Philippines and the convenient way to buy it is through online. She actually said that she is not a fan of brands and sometimes, it is best to order from a chemist. Again, really????


Trivia no. 1: All kinds of oil can be used for the face except Minola oil. (LOL)


Second, she taught us how to groom our eyebrows by creating an outline and whatever is outside the line should be removed.

Trivia no. 2: Thicker eyebrows can make you look younger.


Also, she recommend that the color of your eyebrows should be 2 shades lighter than you hair. Fascinating, isn’t it?


And then, she taught us how to know the right shade of foundation for you and once you already know your shade in one brand, you can know its counterparts on other brands through the website, I already tried the website and it was awesome.  


Trivia no. 3: Water-based foundations tend to darken when you are acidic.


Third, the contouring proper. Before, I have always heard people saying that contouring is to make your face slimmer which is true but aside from that, Maita stated another reason which is this: your face has its natural shadows and upon application of the foundation, the face have a tendency to be one-dimensional and to return it to its original state with the natural shadows, contouring is done.


Trivia no. 4: In contouring, use something which is 4 shades darker than your foundation.


Trivia no. 5: If you really want to contour, use matte products. No shimmer. Shimmery products tends to highlight the area which is supposed to be contoured.


She also shared that once, she was asked when to put on the concealer, if before or after the foundation? She answered it logically saying that to hide blemishes, sometimes the foundation is enough to cover it. If it’s not sufficient, then that’s the time you put on the concealer.


Trivia no. 6: For photoshoots, do not use sunscreen.


Next, where to put your blush-on. She showed us of a technical way to know where to start. You have to put your two fingers vertically beside your nose and then horizontally below your eyes, the intersection shall be the starting point of your blush-on. How interesting is that?!?  


She ended it with the discussion on how to have a sharper nose through highlighting which is the most important for me. (pango eh.) Basically, you will just highlight your nose bridge by putting a lighter shade and this will create an illusion of a sharper nose line.


Me and my sister, who know nothing about make-up, learned a LOT!!!! Oh good heavens, thanks for Maita. Even after the discussion, we are raving about the Lorna’s make-up done by Maita. I wish I could execute all the things I have learned to my own face. #hoping

We couldn’t be more thankful that we have attended this event. Aside from the learnings, I have met a dozen of bubbly, beautiful women. The affinity is inexplicable. Indeed, it is different to be surrounded by “like-minded” people or the people who have experienced very much the same things as you do and can relate to the situations you have been in because they have been into these kinds of situations as well. Yes, it is just the first time to be with them but I really felt like I belong. So for those pinay curvies out there, you may want to be a part of the sisterhood. Check it out, follow them on twitter: pinaycurvies.

I am looking forward on their next event on October. Hope I will have the chance to see other curvy ladies there. Cheers to the plus size community!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Glam Tales' OOTD

Hello everyone!!! As always, sorry for not being able to blog for weeks now, i guess. I know you already know why. Actually, i am only writing this post via blogger app in iphone. Again, i apologize.. :-(

But hey, i have something interesting to share with you guys especially to my fellow pinay curvies.

Months ago, I had followed twitter accounts related to the plus size community and one of which is the "pinaycurvies". I didn't know that this twitter account could lead me to meeting more of the wonderful plussies in the philippines. I started off as an active participant in their twitter parties (usapangcurvy) and then I also participated in their first blog linkup challenge. In all those activities they have hosted, i knew i wanted the friendship to be more than virtual. Yes, i wanted to meet the founders of my new-found sisterhood... :-)

They hosted an event last august 18 at around 2-4pm in the Dome Cafe in Eastwood entitled "Glam Tales: An Afternoon with Mercille Tiomico and Maita Atienza" where they invited me via facebook and without a doubt, I committed to attend. However, even if i am so excited to meet new friends, I am also hesitant that I may feel out of place that's why when my elder sister said that she wants to go as well, i immediately ask mitch if she can come with me. Besides, she is a proud plumpy as well. And luckily, she can be accommodated so we went together. Yehey!!!!!

It was a rainy afternoon but that didn't hinder me from wearing this outfit. I know the other plumpies will also pull a fasyon outfit so i won't let the rain ruin my parade. 

Sorry for the photos, the shots were made when i got home from the event.

I am wearing a peplym top from Forever 2, Leggings from a thrift shop, sheer inner wear which is tailor-made and a red wedge gifted to me by my mom. 

About the event itself, i will write a separate post about that but pending the writing of that post, i want to say that me and my sister had so much fun. We were so happy to be a part of this sisterhood and rest assured that we will continue to participate actively in all events hosted by Pinay curvies.

To all curvies out there, you may follow the twitter account and their blog, and i am very sure they will welcome you with open arms... :-)

Stay tune with my post about the event. Ciao!!! :-)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Liebster award: discover new blogs

Hello Lovies!!!

Sorry if i have not posted anything for almost 5 days. I am quite busy with the usual -- work and business. But one great news came and i believe it deserves my time. 

Believe it or not (you better believe it..),
I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the sassy lady behind the blog I was in shocked as well, but in a good way. Imagine this, ii revive my close-to-zero-follower blog just a few months ago and now, a nomination? just wow!!! of course, thanks to the one who nominated me, dawn!!! I have been stalking her blog ever since i discover it the first time. I truly love her style and admire her fashion sense. please check her blog!

But actually, it does not matter if i don't win, i am admittedly a beginner in the blogosphere and it's a long way to go for me. A nomination is more than enough. Even just one blogger who believes that i deserve more followers, that's fulfilling enough! 

Anyway, little background information about the award, Liebster Award is given to upcoming bloggers with less than 200 followers. 
Here are the rules:

1) Share 11 things about yourself.
2) Answer the 11 questions that your tagger gave you. 
3) Choose 11 fellow blogs to nominate. The nominees must have less than 200 Google followers and be told via comment on their blog. 
4) Think of 11 questions to ask the blogger that were nominated. 
5) Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.

So let's get this started!!! 11 things (fact) about me:
  1. I eat in a flash. i can eat full lunch/dinner in less than 5 minutes (rice,viand and drinks)
  2. I am clumsy. I mean really clumsy. My friends and family even tagged me as "the destroyer" coz i seem to ruin everything that gets into my hand. I don't why.
  3. I am addicted to thrift shops (ukay-ukay, in the philippines) 
  4. I love singing but i have stage fright. I actually join some contests before but my nerves are getting in the way of my performance, always! 
  5. I love trying new restaurants if my budget permits.
  6. I was a fanatic of spice girls before. I even had a barkada before wherein we portray the roles of the spice girls and i am emma bunton, baby spice! 
  7. I am gemini and part of my attitude is i get bored easily and there are so many things running in my mind all at once and my dilemma is always what to do first, coz i wanna do them all.
  8. In relation to no. 7, although i get bored easily, this is not true when it comes to love. I am someone who will never give up on love. 
  9. I look insane but i always talk to myself. I will think of a scene, e.g. What if i saw my ex on the mall, what will i do? And i will act as if it is happening!!! Omg! I am crazy alright!
  10. I am opinionated. I speak my mind and objective in every decision i have made except on love. Sometimes, people misinterpret it but that's the way i am.
  11. I am a woman of faith. I believe in God and always make it a point to have a personal communication woth Him.
And now, i will be answering dawn's questions:
  1. How long have you been blogging? -- i started years ago, but i stopped for years leaving only 4 posts back then and decide to revived it back months ago and have been regularly posting until now.
  2. Why did you start blogging? --initially, i just want to make a diary of the things and experiences i have been through but now, i want to be a part of the advocacy of anti-bullying and any other issues about inequality with plus size women.
  3. Which do you prefer Jeans or Dresses? -- even if i have huge legs, i go for dresses coz it's so easy to wear and i felt that jeans specifically denim jeans is kind of uncomfy for me.
  4. lipstick or lip gloss? --lipstick. Coz i am very pale. I also prefer matte finish.
  5. How many hours a week do you spend promoting your blog (Estimation)? -- really not a lot of time. Maybe just one hour or more a day or estimably 10 hours a week.
  6. What is your favorite movie? --locally, i love "one more chance" and "it takes a man and a woman" as for foreign movies, i love "the click", "Armageddon" and "The avengers"
  7. Where is your favorite place to vacation? --of course, philippines!!! The beaches in the philippines is breathtakingly beautiful but if i had to choose a country out of my country, i'd say france and rome.
  8. What 3 things are a must have in your handbag? --my cellphone, lipstick and keys to my car.
  9. What is 1 thing that you love about your look? -- i have always loved my doe-shaped eyes and my pale lips with hot pink lippies!!!
  10. What is your favorite beauty product? -- i don't have tons of beauty products but one of the best that works for me is beauche facial set. 
  11. What is your favorite magazine? --i am not into magazines in hard copy but rather online magazines.              

I am nominating the following blogs:
  1. Http://
  9. Http://
  10. Http://
  11. Http://
And i have the following questions to be answered by the blogs i nominated:

1) What is the main purpose of your blog?
2) How important is having many followers as far as achieving the purpose of your blog?
3) What are the ways you use to promote your blog?
4) Do you have followers who you have meet online but became a friend whom you literally had a date with?
5) Are you a member of any online social media community?
6) What are the topics you mostly enjoy reading?
7) What makes you follow a blog?
8) Is it important that you reply to the people who comments on your blog?
9) How important is the quality d the pictures in relation to the over-all quality of the blog?
10) If you can give me one good advice in blogging, what will that be?
11) i want you to give me constructive criticism to improve my blog, what will that be?

That's it!!!! i hope you guys find time to blog about this!!! 

Cheers! More power to all of us!!!

--plumpy kristine

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

OOTD for a self-proclaimed "Sister's day"

Being “best friends” doesn’t mean being inseparable. It is about being separated for some time yet nothing changes.
Indeed, the best friendship can stand the test of distance and time. Even when you are at the point where you meet a lot of friends along the way, you still long for that kind of friendship you have with your best friend which is irreplaceable.
Marj is my best friend. I call her “Sis”. Our friendship started in the freshmen days of high school. We haven’t been seeing each other than usual so just recently, we proclaimed July 27 to be our “national bestfriend’s day”. Meaning, we have to clear our schedules for that day and just be catch up with each other. However, on that day, my sister also wanted me to join her in watching “Wolverine” and since my sister is also close with Marj, I decided to make it a “National sister’s day”.
And what’s an occasion without an OOTD?

I notice I am always wearing leggings in my OOTDs so I chose to be different now by wearing a skater dress I bought from a thrift shop. Don’t ask me how much coz it is really cheap. I matched it with my navy blue sheer cover-up from plussie plus size online shop in facebook. To add contrast in color, I put on my favorite red belt from Tubby and a silver stilletos to complete the look.
We had late lunch at around 5pm in FISH Seafood Hub. Just a side review, the ambiance is good but the food is mediocre in taste considering the price you have to pay for it then we hurriedly watch a movie after. Another side review of the movie, the movie is action-packed but the story is kind of shallow but who needs great stories when Hugh Jackman is on screen so smokin’ hot? Tell me, how can you even pay attention to the story when you are so engrossed with Logan’s abs? ahahahhahahaha… just kiddin’! Anyway, it may have a shallow storyline but it offers great lessons about moving on, contentment and finding your purpose.
Yey! It was a fun-filled Saturday and I hope me and my best friend can have more days like this as often as possible.

Cheers to friendship!!! :-)