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Friday, August 23, 2013

Glam up with these tips from Ms. Maita Atienza

Until now, I still can’t get over with the event that was held last August 18, 2013, the Glam Tales: An Afternoon with Mercille Tiomico and Maita Atienza.


My previous post subtly talked about it and I also mentioned there that I will be writing a separate post about it, thus, tadaaaa, here it is!!!


It is actually a talk with two lovely resource speakers, Mercille Tiomico and Maita Atienza. The former talked about fashion and styling and the latter discussed the art of make-up. This post will focused on the discussion of Ms. Maita Atienza. A separate post will be done focusing on Ms. Mercille Tiomico’s discussion.  


Me and my sister came in late but just in time with the first speaker of the afternoon, Maita. I am a subscriber of many make-up tutorials in youtube and thought, I have heard them all but I was damn wrong. He picked one of the founders of Pinaycurvies, Lornadahl Campilan, to be her model as she discussed the art of contouring and highlighting. But first, she taught us about the importance of make-up removers and she divulged that she prefers jojoba oil as her make-up remover. I was like “Really????? I should buy one…” and then she said that it is rare to find here in the Philippines and the convenient way to buy it is through online. She actually said that she is not a fan of brands and sometimes, it is best to order from a chemist. Again, really????


Trivia no. 1: All kinds of oil can be used for the face except Minola oil. (LOL)


Second, she taught us how to groom our eyebrows by creating an outline and whatever is outside the line should be removed.

Trivia no. 2: Thicker eyebrows can make you look younger.


Also, she recommend that the color of your eyebrows should be 2 shades lighter than you hair. Fascinating, isn’t it?


And then, she taught us how to know the right shade of foundation for you and once you already know your shade in one brand, you can know its counterparts on other brands through the website, I already tried the website and it was awesome.  


Trivia no. 3: Water-based foundations tend to darken when you are acidic.


Third, the contouring proper. Before, I have always heard people saying that contouring is to make your face slimmer which is true but aside from that, Maita stated another reason which is this: your face has its natural shadows and upon application of the foundation, the face have a tendency to be one-dimensional and to return it to its original state with the natural shadows, contouring is done.


Trivia no. 4: In contouring, use something which is 4 shades darker than your foundation.


Trivia no. 5: If you really want to contour, use matte products. No shimmer. Shimmery products tends to highlight the area which is supposed to be contoured.


She also shared that once, she was asked when to put on the concealer, if before or after the foundation? She answered it logically saying that to hide blemishes, sometimes the foundation is enough to cover it. If it’s not sufficient, then that’s the time you put on the concealer.


Trivia no. 6: For photoshoots, do not use sunscreen.


Next, where to put your blush-on. She showed us of a technical way to know where to start. You have to put your two fingers vertically beside your nose and then horizontally below your eyes, the intersection shall be the starting point of your blush-on. How interesting is that?!?  


She ended it with the discussion on how to have a sharper nose through highlighting which is the most important for me. (pango eh.) Basically, you will just highlight your nose bridge by putting a lighter shade and this will create an illusion of a sharper nose line.


Me and my sister, who know nothing about make-up, learned a LOT!!!! Oh good heavens, thanks for Maita. Even after the discussion, we are raving about the Lorna’s make-up done by Maita. I wish I could execute all the things I have learned to my own face. #hoping

We couldn’t be more thankful that we have attended this event. Aside from the learnings, I have met a dozen of bubbly, beautiful women. The affinity is inexplicable. Indeed, it is different to be surrounded by “like-minded” people or the people who have experienced very much the same things as you do and can relate to the situations you have been in because they have been into these kinds of situations as well. Yes, it is just the first time to be with them but I really felt like I belong. So for those pinay curvies out there, you may want to be a part of the sisterhood. Check it out, follow them on twitter: pinaycurvies.

I am looking forward on their next event on October. Hope I will have the chance to see other curvy ladies there. Cheers to the plus size community!