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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

OOTD for a self-proclaimed "Sister's day"

Being “best friends” doesn’t mean being inseparable. It is about being separated for some time yet nothing changes.
Indeed, the best friendship can stand the test of distance and time. Even when you are at the point where you meet a lot of friends along the way, you still long for that kind of friendship you have with your best friend which is irreplaceable.
Marj is my best friend. I call her “Sis”. Our friendship started in the freshmen days of high school. We haven’t been seeing each other than usual so just recently, we proclaimed July 27 to be our “national bestfriend’s day”. Meaning, we have to clear our schedules for that day and just be catch up with each other. However, on that day, my sister also wanted me to join her in watching “Wolverine” and since my sister is also close with Marj, I decided to make it a “National sister’s day”.
And what’s an occasion without an OOTD?

I notice I am always wearing leggings in my OOTDs so I chose to be different now by wearing a skater dress I bought from a thrift shop. Don’t ask me how much coz it is really cheap. I matched it with my navy blue sheer cover-up from plussie plus size online shop in facebook. To add contrast in color, I put on my favorite red belt from Tubby and a silver stilletos to complete the look.
We had late lunch at around 5pm in FISH Seafood Hub. Just a side review, the ambiance is good but the food is mediocre in taste considering the price you have to pay for it then we hurriedly watch a movie after. Another side review of the movie, the movie is action-packed but the story is kind of shallow but who needs great stories when Hugh Jackman is on screen so smokin’ hot? Tell me, how can you even pay attention to the story when you are so engrossed with Logan’s abs? ahahahhahahaha… just kiddin’! Anyway, it may have a shallow storyline but it offers great lessons about moving on, contentment and finding your purpose.
Yey! It was a fun-filled Saturday and I hope me and my best friend can have more days like this as often as possible.

Cheers to friendship!!! :-)