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Monday, November 11, 2013

Plus size minnie mouse


To those who have been reading my recent blog posts, I am sure you have come across Minnie Mouse taking a selfie as my entry to the pinaycurvies' blog link-up challenge and if you are wondering what is the outfit that will complete the look, this post will answer that.

But, the more interesting question is “Why Minnie Mouse?”

I had the idea as soon as I saw my sister’s polka dots petticoat skirt and to my luck, it is a combination of red and white, I immediately thought of Minnie Mouse and so, I started from there.

I paired it with a black tube dress, a white shawl and a stretchable belt from tubby that will hold the rather loose skirt.

And it will never be complete without the 2 big round ears and the gigantic ribbon, right? However, the one with a red ribbon is out of stock so I settled for yellow. 

This is how the ensemble will look like.

And if ever I want to improve this, I would buy a white gloves and yellow pumps!!!!

Yehey!!!! Now, where's my mickey mouse?


Monday, November 04, 2013

Minnie mouse taking a selfie

Wowww! After 2 months of hibernation from the blogosphere, i am here again!!! I apologize for being a seasonal blogger. I was... I am just busy with the old stuff (career, present business, my would-be business, etc.) You know the saying.. Too many things to do with so little time... So apt for me! 

Anyway, can you just be happy i am here again ready to take a new challenge from the Pinaycurvies? I missed two blog link-up challenges  and i would be remiss if i will miss another one. So here it goes!!!

First, How did I make my #selfie special?

Well, i must admit that all my selfies were pretty much the same. Obviously, it is just my face. Yes, on different angles or different poses but it is still my two chinky eyes, my flat nose (that's harsh... lol) and my small lips so how can i make it different from the other? I don't know as well. i don't even know if my selfies are special. it's just an urge to take a picture on either a good or bad day. what i know is that selfies displays self-love and self-appreciation and that is something special. However, this time, it is special because aside from this is my first #selfie blog post, this is sort of an expressed frustration for not being able to participate in the Spooky-oke night which marks the first year anniversary of Pinaycurvies.

What's my inspiration for my #selfie today?

As i mentioned, i am frustrated that I haven't attended the spooky-oke night, a halloween costume/videoke party of the big beautiful sisterhood of pinaycurvies. I saw that they had so much fun, that makes me more envious. Huhuhu... So i decided i will make that frustration my inspiration for this selfie.  

This is my should-be #fotd if ever i attended.  and please notice my super big minnie mouse ears with the ribbon! The #ootd will follow after this post.

What is my take about selfies?

I believe there is nothing wrong with it. I, myself, am guilty of this act of vanity. On the contrary, i feel that it is not just about vanity but the feeling of confidence they feel whenever they see their pretty photos. Let's face it, not everyone is as physically beautiful as anne curtis (in the superficial sense of the word) but somehow, when one takes a photo of oneself, it shows she has confidence that she looks good on that picture and that's what matters the most. As for me, i am super photogenic and i feel more beautiful when i take selfies, it makes me feel that i can be pretty as well. Therefore, if selfies can boost someone's confidence, then who are we to stop it, right? Bottomline: if it will do you good or make u feel good, by all means, go take as much selfies as you want. For those who can't tolerate my selfies, you are so free to unfollow me. :-)

Just saying! Peace out!

This is my official entry to the pinay curvies swag october blog link up challenge.