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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sweatshirt and Chucks Mix-up

Hello guys! Nothing extraordinary for today but I am in the mood to dress up with an uncommon outfit. Uncommon in the sense that sweatshirts are not really a familiar piece to wear in a tropical country like the Philippines. 

I know you are like WTF?!? I know it is unflattering to one’s curves but who says you just dressed to emphasize your curves? Even once in a while you can dressed up just for the heck of it, eh? Another point is the weather outside calls for a light-fabric clothing but please understand, who doesn’t want to wear like its winter with boots and all (but I don’t have a boots…what a pity!) Well, I do that’s why whenever I had the chance to bring up sweatshirts, I grab it and one of those chances is MOVIE-WATCHING!!! It’s not like I’ll be running or exercising, I’ll just be watching a movie inside a verrrrrrrry-coldddd moviehouse! Makes sense, right? And believe me, I could not be more thankful that I used this piece. It is better than pulling your shirts here and there just to cover your skin. 

However, I am disappointed that I don’t have a matching boots for this so I substituted my boots fantasy to chucks from Ked’s. I didn’t accessorize it as much apart from pretty sunnies I got from a thrift shop.

Anyway, though my day is not extraordinary, the movie is amazing. We watched “Tuhog”, a local film, starring Eugene Domingo, Jake Cuenca, Enchong Dee and Leo Martinez. Quite a bizaare name for a movie! Actually, I must admit it exceeded way beyond my expectations. It displays life in different angles and different perspectives. It also offers great learnings from teenagers to senior citizens. Indeed, Life is short and all we can do is live each day as if it is our last. Such a clichĂ© but very true. All we have is NOW so live it! Oh, I am so drawn to tell the story of the movie but that would mean “spoilers” so I would leave it up to you to find out why it is called “Tuhog”. I swear it’s not something promiscuous.

Till next time guys!!!