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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Meet my bunso: "Plumpykurvy" vintage online shop

Hello everyone! I am absent today for work coz I am not feeling well. I am not sick though. Maybe, I am just anxious because I am almost three-weeks delayed in my monthly period. Not that I might be pregnant (except if there is divine intervention), I am just worried because this is the first time it got delayed that long.

At any rate, eventhough I am not working in the office, I am still supervising Kriskat’s Kitchen (see my previous post for that) and moderating comments and orders on my instagram vintage online shop, Plumpykurvy.

As I was browsing on @Plumpykurvy, I realized I haven’t introduced the shop with you guys, not yet. Thus, ladies and gentleman, my other baby (youngest), @plumpykurvy. (By the way, I treat my business ventures as my kids. LOL)

Plumpykurvy is an instagram-based vintage online shop which caters to plus size women like me. Who would have known that it all started with an addiction?

I might be the most frugal person you could ever meet but there is an exception. Aside from beauty care products, you will find me splurging on clothes. Oh yes... I can never resist an elegant dress, a tailored-fit leggings, flattering skirt, unique tops or accessories that can matched them all. I admit I have an addiction on this, shopaholic, it is!

But don’t worry about draining my wallet, I don't buy on expensive fashion lines all the time. Most of the time, perhaps because of my penny-pinching, I enjoyed shopping in thrifty stores more. (way, way moreeeeeeeeeeee)

Why not? You can buy almost brand new imported clothes, sometimes with tag, in a very affordable price. Plus the designs are unique, not something you can see anywhere, and when you’ve found one, you can be sure that’s the only one you could find so worrying whether attending a party with someone who’s wearing the same dress as you will never be an issue. 

The only disadvantage is: it is pre-loved but when you buy something brand new and wear it once or twice, that’s already preloved. When you borrow something from a friend same size as you, that’s preloved. Thus, that’s not much of an issue to me. (Don't get me wrong guys... if you don't prefer preloved items... that's just fine..) After all, what’s the use of detergent bars and “Downy” if I can’t make it clean and fragrant, right? Also, I always scrutinize the material first before buying and won't buy items that is damaged. Believe me, I can stay there 3 straight hours just to look at everything in the rack one-by-one.

So much for that, going back to my addiction, as a result, I got a closet, 2 balikbayan boxes, 3 Plastic storage containers and 2 cabinets jam-packed with clothes. My mom is scolding me and telling me to stop buying clothes as there is no space for new purchases. But that did not stop me (stubborn alright!)  Rather, I thought of a solution, that is to sell the clothes I bought out of impulse (worn once or never worn) There are so many of them but the opportunity where I can dress up is less so i did not have the chance to wear them all. Hence, the creation of “Plumpykurvy”.

To my surprise, it is gaining a lot of plumpy followers. Well, who would not be tempted to buy effortlessly via instagram in a price of one Starbucks’ venti mocha cookie crumble? The price ranges from 150php to 250php. Now, that’s a real deal!

Thus, if you don’t mind buying preloved items in excellent condition? Too lazy to go out for shopping? Then follow @plumpykurvy in instagram.  I always have new uploads almost every week so check it out!

As a preview, here are some of the sold items that satisfied my customers:


This is definitely a great sideline. Also, this venture gives me the opportunity to meet big beautiful ladies like me so I would also like to thank all of my buyers which have became my friends... :-)

At the back of my mind, i knew i want something more. I want to design and sew clothes myself but it needs a little training, y'know!!! so watch out next year if I will be selling brand new items as well. ciao!!!!

Remember our mantra: "Style & Fashion is sizeless"