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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Comeback and backlog post: Christmas 2014 ensemble

Good day everyone! It is a good day indeed because this marks my blog comeback! Hooray!!!

It’s been more than a year and this comeback means posting all my post-worthy outfits (with the occasions that come with it) from last year where I have not posted anything. I hope it is not too late to revive this blog. Anyway, I am just doing this for the purpose of expressing myself and to have a virtual account of my everyday life so i guess there is no harm in writing again, right? 

I have visited my blog again yesterday and I realized how I’ve broken so many promises. One of which is my promise that I will post my Christmas outfit. Thus, my first backlog post will be that!!! Better late than never, eh?

Christmas is a special occasion for everyone especially to us, Filipinos. I know everyone will agree if I say that we have one of the longest celebration of the yuletide season. They even say it starts in September, right? 

With that, i can say small family is not different to the rest of the Filipinos. Plus, for our family, (and for some...) a special occasion deserves great fashion. Thus, even though I might be exhausted in cooking the whole day that time, I made it a point that I dressed up for the occasion.

Thus, for Christmas of 2014, I opt to wear this bright red sheer maxiskirt (with black waistband) I bought from a Facebook online shop. The top is not actually a top but a ¾ overlapping printed dress from SM Department Store. (sorry I forgot the brand)

accessorize it with my super classy red and gold dangling and silver slippers. Since, I cooked the whole day (I am actually the official cook every holidays), I am so tired to have my hair done, not to mention I don’t have much time for I completed this look just in time to have few pictures here and there and greet everyone “Merry Christmas!" as the clock ticks to 12 midnight. 

Trivia: I intentionally didn’t take a picture of my shoewear for I am just wearing my silver slippers for comfortability.   

Here are my other pictures with my elder sister (wearing a gray sweetheart tube and salmon pink blazer) and my mom (wearing an abstract printed blouse). Yeah… it is just the three of us every Christmas but we still dress up, anyway! Ahahahahahha!


Till next time.. I have tons of backlog posts so just wait for it. I am posting it one at a time. Ciao!