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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Fashion Necessity: LBD

Hi everyone! Again, 2 months had passed without a single post from me... sorry but i promise i will make a post for my christmas and new year outfit after this. Anyway, I am here again for another entry in the blog linkup challenge of Pinay curvies.

The theme for december is to show off your LITTLE BLACK DRESS. Ohhh, this is gonna be easy because just like my fellow plumpies, LBD is my bestfriend. When trying to look elegant, LBD is the key! When you gained weight and want to look slimmer, LBD is your saving grace! 

As i've mentioned earlier, i have been busy with our food business and i tell you, i got no social life anymore so there is no time for "dress-to-kill" moments... ahahahahha... much worse, there is no event where I can wear my LBDs anymore. However, i don't wanna miss this challenge so i just took time to wear it even without a social event! I knerr, it's pathetic but don't pity me, please!

I have almost 7 black dresses but i have 2 LBDs that serve as my favorites. The first LBD is a gift from my aunt in the US and the second one is from Forever21.

If u know me, i refuse to be ordinary, especially in fashion, so I accessorize it with statement necklaces and finished the look with a 4-inch black pumps.