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Friday, June 28, 2013

WHITE-ing OUT Fashion Rules

Hello there my fellow plumpies and kurvies!!! At last, I have revived my blog after almost a year and guess what it takes for me to blog again? A blog link-up challenge!! (I love challenges!)

What I am telling you about is “Pinaycurvies swag"  link up challenge and the challenge is:


ALL-WHITE TREND -- for plus size bloggers to wear WHITE, perhaps an all-white ensemble, and blog about what they think about it and show how they rock the outfit!!!

The first time I knew of this, I know this is gonna be fun! However, as I was literally ransacking my closet for an outfit for this challenge just a few days ago, I realized I haven’t bought a decent white dress in my 26 years of existence (except for my baptismal and communion dress…LOL) Such a shame!

That is not surprising though! White clothes hardly compliment plus size women. It tends to magnify bulges and make it look bigger that what it actually is when in fact, the last thing we want to do is choose an outfit that makes us feel conscious and insecure rather than sexy and confident. Moreover, in a world where there are certain stereotypes as to what a plus size woman should wear, white is a major no-no, a faux-pax and worst, a taboo in the plus size world of fashion BUT that was before. Today, the plus size community stances with our battle cry: "What thin girls can pull off, we can pull off as well!"

Thus, by hook or by crook, I have to put up a white ensemble to prove all the old preconceived ideas about plus size fashion wrong. Hell yeah, let's white it out!!!

I wanted to wear a dress but as I’ve said, I don’t have one so I just took all the white tops and skirts (including off-white, does it qualify as white?) from my closet and show off my skills in mix-and-match. So, this is what i've found:
- White cover up from Copacobana
- White tube from AGENDA
- Spaghetti strap from my tita from US
- a short tube dress from a thirft store (which is not totally white)
- Bolero from plussie, an online shop!
- overlay from plussie as well!

As you can noticed, i don't have a white skirt or  white pants. Hence, i opt to use my tube top on the first photo (see below) and the tube dress on the second photo (see below) as my skirts. Forgive me because out of my excitement for this challenge, i came up with two ensembles and here it is:

Looking at myself in the mirror werrkkkingggg it with my favorite poses, I realize that a white outfit is not bad at all. It can be oh-so-good on plus size women if you will take note of these reminders:

Most of the time, we choose the wrong size, hence, the wrong fit. Whether it is too tight or too loose so it is an imperative to make sure that the fit is just right on you coz if it fits right, wearing white (not just white actually…) will be as easy as highschool student taking a kinder exams.

White is monochromatic and have a tendency to to be boring so give it some edge by accessorizing it.  As for me, I choose necklaces & a bracelet to give texture to the plain ensemble and a belt to define the waist and give a better shape to the waistless cover-up. 

A little touch of a bright color can make an all-white outfit rocking. Imagine if i didn't wear the red belt, then it would be less interesting. Anyway, any color is a good compliment to white but i prefer red. Either way, any contrast in color can make white even whiter.

No one can tell you what doesn’t look good on you as long as you feel good about it and you feel sexy wearing it, then deviating from the standard is worth it!

What matters most is the way you feel about yourself and not what others think of you. BOTTOMLINE: CONFIDENCE is the key to oozing sexiness!

With all of this, I realize it is high time for me to buy a white dress (so that I would not use my tops as skirts anymore... ahaha) 

How about you? Are you brave enough to break all these plus size fashion myths? :-)